Catch Like Hell's Light, Part 2

Part 1

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Catch Like Hell's Light, Part 1

Fandom: Justified
Warnings: Discussion of domestic abuse. (If you've seen the pilot...)
Summary: Fusion with The Dresden Files (and that universe's rules and uses of magic). Raylan Givens is stuck back in Kentucky, and as a wizard, he gets all the magical cases. Starting with Boyd Crowder, who's using his power to blow shit up like always.
Note: I'm planning a loose retelling of the first season with magic flying everywhere. It's going to be heavy on Raylan and Boyd's strange friendship, and I'm not sure if that'll go further to a relationship. Be forewarned.

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Part 2

If Given As A Gift - Part 2
Part 1

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If Given As A Gift - NCIS, McGee/Dinozzo, PG-13
Title: If Given As A Gift
Pairing: Anthony Dinozzo/Timothy McGee
Author: dome_epais
Rating: PG-13
Summary: An AU where McGee is a forensic computer analyst who washed out of training to be an agent. He gets a chance to work with Gibbs' team on a case – can he prove that he has what it takes? Warnings: Swearing. No more (and probably less) violence than the show itself.

sexycazzy created this banner - you can find this and a lovely wallpaper for the story at her art post!

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Part 2

to love and be loved, White Collar OT3 fic
I've written a thing for White Collar? I seem to think it's my first in this fandom, but who knows, I write a lot of things.
It's PG, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, written for the prompt: they all pass each other love notes on a regular basis and when Diana or Jones intercepts one from El to Neal they get the wrong idea.

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I have been promising my friend this story for weeks. It is Beno Udrih/Omri Casspi (so, RPS based on the Sacramento Kings NBA team), and it features EXPLICIT UNDERAGE SEX between a 19-year-old and a 13-year old. This is based on real-life circumstances (that Beno was on the Tel Aviv team when Omri was around that age) but it's very obviously fictitious.

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I have been AWOL! I know. But I just fell headfirst into shipping real-life dudes who play professional sports.

Feel free to ignore this, is my point.

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Refracting, Converging (a Captain America/Iron Man fic)
Title: Refracting, Converging
Rating (both art/fic): The art is R, the fic is NC-17
Pairing: Captain America/Iron Man (with semi-explicit Mary Jane/Peter, and minor Pepper/OFC)
Word Count: 6,100
Warnings: Language. Explores several kinks, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, and D/s. Explicit homosexual sex, a heterosexual D/s scene without sex.
Fic Summary: Tony's new project deals with sex tapes. It's only so long before he gets curious.

“I should tell you that events of the last weeks have brought to my attention a latent interest in voyeurism.”Collapse )
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Priorities-Hierarchy (a Captain America/Iron Man AU)

Title: Priorities-Hierarchy
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Pairing: Captain America/Iron Man
Word Count: 7,871
Warnings: Language, military violence (not including torture)
Fic Summary: There are reasons why Tony's a handler instead of an active spy. He just can't remember them after Steve, his asset, is captured. 

There is art to go with this story, by the estimable lucidatype. This is an entry for the C/IM Reverse Bang, using her art as a prompt. 

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"I'm compromised," Steve said, which they both knew already. "Iron Man," he said almost kindly, "burn me."Collapse )

YAGKYAS '12 Secret Santa Letter!
Hello! If you got my prompt, you can probably tell that this is my first year. But it's been fun so far.

Well, so, I requested Brad/Nate thrown into the universe of whatever anime you choose. (I gave a list to give you the idea, but really, if you're not familiar with any of those and you have a different anime in mind that you like for it, go ahead!) I guess what I really want to see is Brad, Nate, and the ensemble in a setting with slightly different (or slightly silly) rules, taking it completely seriously. I want to see how their cool competence and silent conversations help them overcome whatever adversity.

In a Brad/Nate story, these are the things I like to see. You don't have to include any/all of them, it won't hurt my feelings, but just to give you an idea:
those things I mentioned about competence/silent conversations 
the two men being around civilians, who clearly don't understand their relationship
Ray can tell something's up with Brad, but drops it when asked and just raises his eyebrows in judgement sometimes

And something I don't like to see:
Can it be set somewhere that homosexuality/being queer is allowed? I mean, basically, that there's nothing like DADT and there will be no legal repercussions for their relationship. (Aside from a totally understandable superior/subordinate thing, where one might be coerced.) I don't like to see a queer person being anxious and ashamed of being queer, it make me anxious and ashamed with them. That's all.

Anyway, now you have the general idea. Don't worry too much about worldbuilding, don't worry too much about plot if you don't want to! Have fun.

Thank you!


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